Unlock Your Creativity

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Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created…

…Us with the ability to create. Creativity is involved in every human endeavour. It is necessary for a well lived life. 

Why be creative?

Jonathan Malm – Creativity is reflective of our creative God. Everything we see was designed by our Creator. He saw that what He made was good. And when we are creative, we get to share in that goodness. 

Why create? Because you share in the goodness of God and you share His goodness with others.

How are you creative? 

Like personality, creativity is unique to each individual. 

So how do you find your creative sweet spot? 

Try new things.

What do you do that makes you feel alive?

Keep your creative tank full.

Creativity runs on creative juice. If you have a full tank, creativity flows. If the tank is empty, you will struggle to be creative. Allow creativity of another area to keep your tank full.

Believe for a God-breath of creativity.

David wrote psalms, and killed a giant with creativity. Abraham was willing to venture to another land. Joseph had the creativity to develop systems to save the world from famine. Ruth was creative enough to lie at Boaz’s feet. Esther’s creativity made her Queen. Jesus healed a blind man with mud. He walked on water. He rose from the grave.

The greatest creativity comes from the Anointing. You can use all the tips I’ve given but without the anointing, creativity will be just another good idea. The Anointing will breathe life into your creation.

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