The Blessing of Go

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Acts 20:35 This is my last gift to you, this example of a way of life: a life of hard work, a life of helping the weak, a life that echoes every day those words of Jesus our King, who said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Matthew 28:16-20

After you are told to go, doubt will follow. Don’t listen. 

There is a power and authority waiting for when you go. If you do not go it will lay dormant. 
The power of God is backing your go. With every go moment there is a doubt moment. Forget the doubt moments. God backs the go.
Doors will not open without movement. The doors before you are motion sensitive. You need to move for them to open. The flow of God happens when you make the first move.
2 Kings 2:1-10

Elisha was a go person. He kept going.

With your go, other voices will speak to you to distract you.

To fulfil your destiny you need to go.

Be the person God wants you to be. Don’t waste time any longer.
2 Kings 4:1-7

Your go is not just tied up to you and your blessing, but it is tied to blessing others.

Your go will bring miracles to others.

When you make a choice to step out God will provide for you. 

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