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Praise is to commend the merits of, to glorify, extol the attributes of Gid in a way that could be vocal, visible, audible, or a combination of these.

Praise is an explosion of faith. Praise is an action, faith in action.

Seven Hebrew Words for Praise

Similar to being in love. Explosion of praise. Abandoned to self. Hallal is the most frequent use of praise in the Bible.

Explosive praise with extended hands.

Offer blessing to God.

To sing to God, or singing of Hallal. 

Plucking of strings in praise.

Involves an offering. A sacrifice of praise. Praise that is offered before we have victory.

Shout praise.

The results of praise
Praise is all about God. God is glorified.
Revelation 4:8-11
Praise will be blessed and joyful.
Luke 24:52-53
The praiser will enjoy prominence.
Genesis 49:8-10
The praiser is best prepared for worship.
Numbers 2:1-3
The praiser continues as a conqueror.
Judges 1:1-4
The assembly will be deified
Exodus 40:34
The unsaved will be reached
Acts 16:24-40

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