Free to be Me

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Gods agenda: you are free

Titus 2:14
Who gave Himself on our behalf that He might redeem us, purchase our freedom from all iniquity and purify for Himself a people to be His own, people who are eager and enthusiastic about living a life that is good and filled with beneficial deeds.

Free to be me

You are free to be all God has called you to be.

Free to be me according to the world is: this me, my insecurity, my sin, my hurt and rejection, like it or lump it, this is me – I am free to be me. They take ownership of what the devil has done in their lives and say this is me. I own that junk the devil put on me!

Free to be me for the believer: am free to be all God has created me to be.
– my hurt, my rejection, my sin is no longer mine nor part of me.
– Jesus has set me free.
– my identity in life is not the sin, hurt, rejection, that has come my way.
– my identity isn’t the cares of the world, isn’t not the fear that sneaks in, my identity isn’t the addiction that tries to grab a hold of me.
– I don’t need to pull down others, to make myself feel better, I am free!
– I don’t need to gossip to feel valued…I’m free!
– I don’t need to manipulate others to get my way…I am free!
Don’t let these things be who you are, because Jesus has set you free.

Galatians 5:1
It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Jesus’ identity was challenged

Matthew 4:1-11

1. Devil is going to challenge your identity…answer with the Word of God.
2. Devil has a plan for your life.
3. Jesus was very hungry….bombardment from satan will come when you are weak.

God says I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, to give you hope and a future.

You are free.

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