Dry Bones

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People of Ezekiel’s day similar to ours.
– Victims. Victims of mistakes other people made: worshiping other gods, selfish, careless lives.
– God knows what it was like to be a victim: 30cm nails, back torn, body contorted beyond human form
– Jesus went from a victim to a victor. You don’t have to stay a victim and blame your dog, cat, star sign, soccer coach, self…anymore.
– God wants to raise people to life again!

Ezekiel looked at his generation and was prepared to do anything to let them know the power and love of God and see true repentance and restoration.

Ezekiel 37:1-3

God asked Ezekiel, “Can you do anything for these bones? Can you do anything for these kids? People today?”

Ezekiel 37:4-6

There is one thing…PROPHESY.
– speak future into them, speak life over them
– The world doesn’t know
– God has a plan to prosper, give hope and future
– Nothing could separate them from God’s love
– Masterpieces

Ezekiel 37:7-10

Holy Spirit
Even though God needs us to obey and speak before anything can happen, our words have absolutely no affect. It is the Spirit of God. It’s the presence of God, the anointing of God that makes the difference.
– We want the spirit of revival.

Ez 37:8-10

Prophesy and watch the Holy Spirit raise people to life, not just ordinary life but life, as a mighty warrior in God’s army.

Our community is full do dry bones. God has a job for us: Prophesy and usher in the Holy Spirit. He will do the rest.

Who is the one person you can prophesy over and see raised to life in 2015?

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