5 Keys to a Lifestyle of Giving

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Mark 12:41-44
1. There is no such thing as a random act of kindness. 
Kindness is not random. It is intentional. Human nature is selfish. If you leave your kindness set on random, you won’t be kind all that often. Kindness has to be planned. 
2. You always have something to give. 
You may think you have nothing to give. But you do. 
You may even have a couple of free vouchers sitting around your house that you will never use.
But someone else will.
Someone would be very thankful for them.
Give them away.
It may not be convenient to give them away. You will have to approach a stranger. You will have to drive out of your ordinary route or hop on a bus. But go out of your way and bless someone else. Because you always have something to give.
3. You may be the only person going against a crowd. 
It’s okay to go to the Plaza with no intention of shopping but every intention of sharing Jesus or blessing someone.
4. When you give, Jesus makes note. 
He especially makes note of sacrificial, out of the ordinary giving. Even if it is small. Even if you think it is insignificant. It does not escape Jesus’ notice. 
Rhinhard Bonke is saving millions in Africa, Hillsong music sells millions of records, why would God bother with me? He does. Because it’s not about the size, it’s about the heart.
5. There is a greater blessing.
When Jesus observed the poor widow that day, he was more than moved, he was compelled to bless her. Just as I was compelled to pray blessing upon the stranger of the zoo, Jesus was compelled to bless the widow.
He will provide. 
Blessing. Favour. Provision. Debt cancelation. More.

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